One Directioners won’t take your photo trickery sh*t just because they’re upset, Hollywood Life

A story from Hollywood Life reports that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles had a teary 2am phone call before Zayn quit One Direction.

Zayn was (allegedly) cruel enough to imply that he is ‘better than’ the others in 1d, and that this was partly fuelling his decision to leave. That Zayn could even think that- let alone say it- was hurtful enough to move Harry to tears. The article is headed by photos of Harry and Zayn in tears, to underscore this point.


The article uses old photos- not actual photos of the incident in question.

If you think the readers of Hollywood Life wouldn’t spot this trickery, even with the emotional strain they’re under, you have another think coming.

(Comments verbatim)

Commenter 1: Zayn would not say that he is better than the other guys. Plus the other guys are all supporting zayn. I follow all of them on google+ and yeah they are sad just like everyone else but are still happy for him. They are happy for him. You guys are just doing this to get directioners worked up.

Commenter 2: omg two girls died when they heard about this,I ALMOST DIED TOO.I was watching tv when they said”Sadly,Zayn malik Dropped out of the famous ONE DERECIOn”I fainted.Next thing I know im in the hospital

Commenter 3: As if Zayn would say he’s better than us, I know better than to believe this crap! I mean.. seriously.. why in the hell would you use pictures of them doing CHARITY work in Africa! This is sickening! Shame on you Hollywood Life! This is just a ploy to get fans worked up about him leaving, but a smart fan would know that this is and EXTREMELY old photo! 

Commenter 4: So, if those pictures are from when they were talking on the phone, why did I find the same exact ones from when One Direction went to Africa two years ago…? Ha. small world…
Commenter 5: I agree. If you r a true directioner, u wouldn’t hate or get mad at one of the band members because of a hard decision they had to make. A true directioner, knows that the band has a hard life, traveling to make all us fans happy. We need to say thanks to the boys for the wonderful experience we’ve had. A true directioner, would support all the boys, no matter what happens.
Commenter 6: First of all, the picture of Harry is from a couple of years ago when One Direction (or maybe only Harry and Liam, I forget) went to Africa. You can find the vid of him crying during the trip on youtube. He was getting emotional after seeing a baby who was going to die because of health and safety. Second of all, if the picture isn’t updated, how do I know the info is true? IT ISN’T. THIS SITE IF FULL OF CRAP.
Commenter 7: I’m a one direction fan to the band are better off with out zayn they don’t need him chin up lads.
Commenter 8: everyone who says that they hate zayn needs to stfu. and for all the people who is saying that this story is fake because of this picture needs to wake up because they are just using this picture for an example of how they looked like crying. of course they wouldnt have a real picture of zayn in harry on the phone at 2am crying. it was private. duh!!!!!!

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