14 headlines you’ll never see at Cosmo

Get Crafty! Teach Yourself Eugenics

Ten Easy Tips To Recreate Hillary Clinton’s Look! (You Don’t Have To Break Glass Ceilings to Break Out The Pants Suits!)


Men Spill: What They’re REALLY Thinking When They’re Following You Down A Dark Alley, Carrying A Knife

It’s Winter, It’s Time for Smoky Eyes (Like You Needed Any Fucking Encouragement From Us)

“I Plumbed My Way To A Diamond Ring!” DIY Tips From Cosmo Readers That Will Hook Your Man

Ten Catholic Missionaries Tell Us Their Favourite Sex Position (Nope… It’s Not What You Think!)

5 Ways To Make Your Eyebrows Look Insane


Get Him Hot And Horny With Rhetorical Devices!

  • One Girl Spills All About Her Hot Litotes Experience: “He Was Not Fully Unerect”
  • Is Bathos Really An Anti-Climax? We Grill Our Resident Cosmo Men!
  • Quiz: What Does Your Irony Style Say About You? (MMM! Can You Say…Sar-gasm?)!

Are My Vaginal Lips Normal? (Yes, Technically, But They Look A Bit Weird To Us)

Real Life: “I Did A Poo On Canterbury High Street’

Are Multiple Orgasms A Myth? We Put It To The Test With Ten UK MPs!

Primer: How To Identify It- And How To Avoid It

Pretend To Be A Wizard Using Mascara (Why Not? It’s A Wand!)

Beyonce’s Political Stances: We Ask Her The Tough Questions (Yes- Including VPL)!

Note: my partner Dan gets due credit here for the Catholic missionaries.



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